Month: April 2019

Top Entrepreneurship Myths Debunked

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A lot of people wish to become entrepreneurs. In any case, who does not want to be a boss in his or her lifetime? Most people procrastinate building their own business, just because they believe a bunch of entrepreneurship myths. If you want to succeed in business, you should consider the Knowledge Business Blueprint course. These are the top entrepreneurship myths you should know.

Entrepreneurship is Easy

business managementIt is unfortunate that many people think entrepreneurship is easy just because they see some entrepreneurs making a lot of money. What they do not see are the hardships they have gone through. If you come across a successful restaurant and believe that a successful restaurant only needs skillful chefs, cool environment, tasty food, and situated in a busy location, then you are very wrong.

This makes some people start a restaurant with even amazing qualities but fails to succeed. You should note that other factors come into play. You have to look into marketing, research and development, training, human resource, and other factors. Although entrepreneurship seems to be quite easy on the surface, it is quite difficult.

Entrepreneurship is Difficult

Although we have said above that it is not easy, it is also not difficult. I am not contradicting myself. Entrepreneurship is like building a home, it requires effort and time. You need to invest your time in building a business and putting effort to apply whatever you have learned. The truth is that entrepreneurship is not difficult when you have a blueprint. If you have a blueprint you need to follow or certain action steps and you have a mentor to help you when you are out of the track, things may not be difficult as you think.

Failure Rate is High

business revenuesRecent studies show that about 95% of businesses fail in the first five years. Again, 95% of the firms that remain will fail in the next five years. When you refer to statistics, we can agree that the failure rate is quite high. You need to understand that your success as an entrepreneur ought not to be determined by the statistics. In fact, statistics are just numbers and dead. What determines one’s success is based on his or her performance, not by probabilities or statistics.

High Risk

The truth is that risk is in everything. Even when driving a car, there is a risk. Risk cannot be eliminated, but it can be minimized. You need to educate yourself so that you know what to do and how it should be done.

Simple Ways to Choose a Cat Bed

cat bed

Finding the right bed for your feline can be a daunting task given the incredible options of beds available. It is now true that there are a lot of types of cat beds you are likely to find at your nearest pet store. But how do you buy the right cat bed? When you are about to make your purchase, take note that you should know your cat well enough.

As mentioned above, there are many beds for cats; choosing the right one will depend on how well you have done your research on this topic. In other words, when it comes to cat bed selection, you need to conduct a thorough examination that will help you know some of the factors you need to avoid and those that you need to prioritize. As a pet owner, remember that rest is an essential part of your cat’s life. Therefore, below is what you need to think about when buying a cat bed.

Sleeping Style

You need to understand that cats have different ways they prefer to sleep. That said, when you are about to buy the right bed, this aspect will help you to know the right foundation that will suit your cat. Some cats prefer stretching up when they are sleeping. If you have this kind of a pet, then you should opt for a cat pillow bed. In other words, there are many beds designed to accommodate almost all types of sleeping cats. By identifying the best sleeping style for your cat, it will be easier for you to find the best bed for your cat.


catThe size of your cat is also another element that will determine the type of bed you will buy for your pet. That is why many pet owners are asked to measure their cats before they rush to the market to make their purchase. Surely, you do not want to have a small bed where your cat will be limited to move around. By measuring the size of your cat, you will confidently purchase the right bed.

Easy Cleaning

As a pet owner, you need to ensure that your cat is clean always. However, even if your pet is clean, it can still have an occasional accident. Before you buy a bed, read the washing instructions. Many pet owners make a mistake of choosing a cat bed that is not easy to clean. All you are asked to do is read check whether the covers are removable for cleaning. It will be wise to read the washing instructions to see whether the bed you are interested in is easy to clean.


Even though your cat will not need to be sleeping in the lap of luxury, it is beneficial to ensure that your cat has a comfortable bed. If you make a mistake of buying the wrong type of bed that is not comfortable, your cat will choose to sleep in other suitable places where you might not want. Lastly, ensure that you offer a cozy home for your cat.