How to Choose the Right Instant Pot for You

instant pot

Today, there are many manufacturers of multi-functional electric pressure cookers, but one brand has taken over the market in terms of popularity. This is the instant pot. Corrie Cooks, for instance, use instant pot for preparing various recipes. Since the number of functions, whistles, bells, and models are overwhelming, choosing the right one can be challenging. Here are some things to consider when selecting an instant pot to buy.


Size matters when selecting the right instant pot for you. The 6-quart is the most popular size; however, some manufacturers offer options like the 3,5 and 8-quart. Smaller sizes are often budget-friendly and will not take up much space. Their larger counterparts, on the other hand, are suitable for cooking family meals. For medium cooking, a 6-quart instant pot is ideal.

The volume size of the instant pot refers to the absolute maximum capacity of the pot. Therefore, when handling piping hot foods, you need to fill the pot three-quarter in instant pot


Different instant pot models are available online between 50 and 200 dollars. You should consider your budget when picking the best pot for you. Savvy spenders should be on the lookout for online and in-store deals and strike when the price is best. If you are purchasing your instant pot second-hand, always ensure you are getting the latest version of the model.


Instant pot, as we all know, offers more than the traditional pressure cookers. Some have more settings than others. Irrespective of the model you choose, you can saute, steam, pressure cook, make rice, and slow cook. It would be best if you considered the number of gadgets you will replace by purchasing a single instant pot. This is definitely ideal for those who have limited storage space.

Most models offer various programmed buttons that suggest cooking temperatures and times for different food types. You can use the manual and adjust buttons to cook your food easily, even with little know-how.